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Blue Calcite Tower

Blue Calcite Tower

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Blue Calcite is harder to find than many other colors of Calcite, which makes this powerful stone even more special. As a calming crystal known for its soothing and serene energy, Blue Calcite guides you to a calm state and helps you navigate the stresses of everyday life from a higher state of being. It is also known to help promote rest and relaxation because it soothes your mind and puts your spirit at ease.


The Blue Calcite meaning comes from its connection to the upper chakras, especially the throat and third eye. By balancing and aligning these energy centers, the Blue Calcite properties support clear communication and self-expression. When it comes to emotional healing, the ability to speak your truth and ask for what you need can make a huge difference – and the Blue Calcite stone will be your crystal ally along your healing journey.


How to Use:

Connect with your Blue Calcite crystal to calm your mind, body and spirit. You can also place your Blue Calcite in your bedroom, workspace, or any other area to create a relaxing, serene environment.

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SIZE: 5.5" height x 2.5" width

WEIGHT: 453 grams



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Abby's Apothecary Co  has hand picked only the quality crystals, rocks and minerals with the intent of adding style & beauty to your home interior, wellbeing in your daily life or as a thoughtful gift idea for a loved one. 


Each crystal, rock and mineral possesses its own unique appearance. No two are identical. You will receive the exact stone/s pictured here. The colors of all crystals, rocks and minerals in our collection are indicative (due to the lighting when being photographed as well as your computer screen's color calibration) and the size of each piece photographed for our website is not to scale. (Please refer to the size and weight for an accurate indication.)  



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