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XL Clear Quartz Sphere with Red Hematite -12" cir - Ultimate Healer

XL Clear Quartz Sphere with Red Hematite -12" cir - Ultimate Healer

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The global crystal, often known as the "master healer," amplifies energy and thinking while also restoring and regulating energy. It raises one's awareness and promotes clarity of thought and positivity. It purifies both the body and the mind. All chakras are harmonized with clear quartz, and psychic powers are enhanced. It also functions as an amplifier for all other crystals in the vicinity.


✨When we come across Hematite Included Quartz, we naturally think that it will boost the Hematite's energetic intent. Knowing that both Quartz and Hematite are protective stones, we may be certain that the energy is of a higher vibration and will help us deflect negative or discordant energies. Because of the nature of Hematite, this combination can help us become even more grounded and concentrated.


✨Have you ever been at a point in your life when you feel like you've hit rock bottom and there's no way out? This stone will help you get out of that funk by lifting you up and out of it. It can also be found as red-tinted quartz or as a powdered inclusion.

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QTY: 1 

SIZE: 12" Circumfrance, Diameter 3.82"

WEIGHT: 1.35KG OR 2.5lbs aprox.


CHAKRAS: The Master of All

*sphere stand no included

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Abby's Apothecary Co has hand picked only the quality crystals, rocks and minerals with the intent of adding style & beauty to your home interior, wellbeing in your daily life or as a thoughtful gift idea for a loved one.


Each crystal, rock and mineral possesses its own unique appearance. No two are identical. You will receive the exact stone/s pictured here. The colors of all crystals, rocks and minerals in our collection are indicative (due to the lighting when being photographed as well as your computer screen's color calibration) and the size of each piece photographed for our website is not to scale. (Please refer to the size and weight for an accurate indication.)


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