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🤩 Eastern Jasper Skull, Large 5"

🤩 Eastern Jasper Skull, Large 5"

$579.95 Regular Price
$434.97Sale Price


🤩 Stunning Hand Carved Easter Jasper Skull


Eastern Red Jasper Crystal Skull, sometimes known as Poppy Jasper or Bracciated Jasper, is considered a stone with great protective energy. Many consider it to be a stone of justice. 


Jasper was said to be a direct gift from God.  Jaspers have long been attributed magical powers in just about every culture. Known as the ‘warrior stone’, it gives strength, power and courage on all levels, and promotes survival in all ways. It is powerful for healing and protection, and deflects negativity. It eases stress, clears EMF and radiation. It inspires joy and motivation, and promotes justice and fairness. Many ancient cultures viewed a crystal skull as a means of honoring life. The human skull was considered a symbol of great awareness.


Size: 5"

Weight: 48oz

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