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Green Opal Palm Stone

Green Opal Palm Stone

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Green Opal Palm Stone


Green Opal is a stone that's all about the heart. This crystal is here to provide nourishing and  energies to anyone struggling with emotional heartache. It is a perfect stone for anyone who may have gone through recent trauma or grief, the dissolution of a relationship, or a hurtful disagreement. 


One of Opal's many beautiful varieties, a stone that can act as a filter to bring new perspectives, Green Opal, marked by its calming, moss-like texture, can help us see clearly through chaotic thoughts and rediscover a world full of wonder and beauty. 


Metaphysically, Green Opal is considered a cleansing and rejuvenating stone; harnessing both Wood and Water energies, Green Opal is a stone for cleansing energy and supporting health, prosperity, and abundance.



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