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Himalayan Salt Fire Bowl with Salt Spheres

Himalayan Salt Fire Bowl with Salt Spheres

$99.99 Regular Price
$75.00Sale Price


Fire Bowl Himalayan Salt Lamp. Bless your home & space with our hand-carved square bowl-shaped original Himalayan Salt Lamp with pink salt chunks. This salt lamp is a longtime favorite and bestseller; you can't go wrong with this one—100% pure Himalayan pink crystal rock salt, hand-made and hand-carved in the Himalayas.


Have you ever heard of a Himalayan salt lamp?

Many people haven't, but they have recently seen a surge in popularity. They are inexpensive and have many healthful benefits.


They purify the air and help reduce allergy symptoms.

It sounds illogical that a rock of salt with a light bulb inside it could purify the air in your home. However, it actually can. The Himalayan rock salt attracts water molecules. The water molecules carry with them dust and allergens. The pollutants remain trapped inside the salt while the heat causes the purified water to evaporate into the air.


They remove positive ions from the air.

Positive ions lack an electron and therefore have a positive charge; they seek to find an electron to balance their charge. Electronic devices in the home disturb the electromagnetic properties of the matter around them. This disturbance causes electrons to fly off molecules and create more positive ions.


Positive ions are unhealthy for many reasons. They cause the microscopic hairs that clear debris from the respiratory system, or cilia, to become less effective. They also lead to general physical and mental fatigue. Himalayan salt lamps expel negative ions, which neutralize the positive ions, which helps promote respiratory health and vitality.


They protect us from electromagnetic radiation.

In our everyday lives, low levels of electromagnetic radiation are near with every moment we spend in the proximity of an electronic. The long-term effects of this exposure are unknown. Therefore, it may be best to err on the side of caution.


The negative ions expelled by Himalayan salt lamps work to neutralize this electromagnetic radiation. Keeping one near your TV, computer, or gaming console can help with this.

These benefits come together to promote better mood and concentration during the day, and better sleep at night.


Leave the lamp on all day, only shutting it when you go to sleep for the best effect. Be sure to protect the lamp from moisture; after all, it's constructed from salt, so treat it as a delicate work of art.

Himalayan salt lamps are a great addition to any home, office, or well-being space. After using one for a short time, you may feel a difference in your overall well-being. Enjoy!


Height: about 6-10 in.

Weight: 6-10lbs

Base: Polished Neem wooden base

Lamp: 15-Watt bulb UL-approved cord and plug

Fully assembled

Weight, size, color, and shape may vary due to Natural Himalayan Salt 


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