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Lapis Lazuli Flower of Life Stone

Lapis Lazuli Flower of Life Stone

$13.13 Regular Price
$9.85Sale Price


Hand carved and polished to a smooth finish, these Lapis Lazuli pocket stones are beautiful and soothing to hold and gently stroke.This deep blue opaque stone is aligned with the element of water, and is used to stimulate the throat & third eye chakras.  


It is associated with courage, wisdom, insight, strength, clarity & compassion, & enhances those qualities in those that wear it. It enhances inner visions & the attainment of wisdom. It is a potent fidelity charm & attracts spiritual love.


Please expect variation in size and color of all natural gemstone items;worry stones are gently shaped with a smooth finish and are 2 to 2 1/2 inches long. Single worry stone comes in a natural cotton drawstring bag.*Stand not inlcuded 

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