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Lepidolite Mica Plate

Lepidolite Mica Plate

PriceFrom $7.99


These lithium-rich lepidolite mica pieces are sold individually, they have lovely lavender to light purple natural color and a "book-like" or "plate-like" shape.
Each piece is 100% natural - they have not been heated or treated in any way.


Through the connection to the third eye and crown chakras, the Lepidolite meaning soothes your mind and puts your spirit at ease. By raising your vibration and offering a source of serenity and calm for you to plug into, the Lepidolite properties support you through challenging times. The calming effect of the Lepidolite crystal also makes it a wonderful for resting, helping to quiet your mind so you can rest and recharge. 


How To Use Raw Lepidolite

Place your Raw Lepidolite in your bedroom or any other room to create a calm, serene environment where you can rest and relax. If you are feeling stressed or anxious, hold your Raw Lepidolite crystal in your hands and take a deep breath, allowing its soothing vibrations to guide you to a higher state of being.

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