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Lepidolite Tumbled Stone - Heart & Crown Chakra

Lepidolite Tumbled Stone - Heart & Crown Chakra

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1  Lepidolite Tumbled Stone 


Lepidolite is a type of mica which contains a monoclinic crystal system. It is an excellent grounding stone which helps eliminate negativity and to promote renewal. It is a calming crystal, similar to quartz and red jasper.   Those who are anxious will find release from holding or meditating with a stone.


The luster of the stone is generally vitreous or pearly. It comes to a 2.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness. This stone has a good level of transparency or translucidity. Lepidolite is often pink or purple due to its Lithium content.


Metaphysical Properties

People can use it to open up their third eye. Many find it useful to use this stone to practice astral travel.


Lepidolite is linked to the heart chakra and the crown chakra. When the heart chakra opens, it will help for emotions to flow naturally, the way they should. It allows you to break away from blockage and let you shine with all your beautiful gifts and everything that each of us has to offer.

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