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Orange Selenite Palm Stone

Orange Selenite Palm Stone

$13.13 Regular Price
$9.85Sale Price


You've been gearing up for a new life. Your aura self-care plan is on point, and your daily schedule is finally under control with all those crystals you've been carrying around everywhere.  The only thing that's missing now is the perfect safe zone to contain all of it – a sanctuary where everything can unfold as needed – and this Orange Selenite Palm Stone will do just the trick!


You're likely already super into grounding stones like selenite, but if not then bring yourself up to speed ASAP because they hold major psychic protection benefits from those pesky outside influences that may be keeping you from moving forward in every area of your life. Plus they directly stimulate certain chakras which opens channels for release and clearing negativity.


Please note: Each palm stone will vary slightly in shape, size, colour and design. We intuitively select the stone that is right for you. Each stone has more of a polished matte finish to them,

Chakra: Third Eye and Crown

Zodiac: Taurus


Approximate Weight & Measurements

Weight: 72 grams

Length: 6.35 cm

Width: 5.05 cm

Height: 2.54 cm

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