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Himalayan Salt Orange Star Candle Holder

Himalayan Salt Orange Star Candle Holder

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Orange Selenite and the energies it carries are nearly identical to normal Selenite, with the only difference being the heavy grounding effect Hematite offers. Normal white or clear Selenite is extremely powerful and offers potent energies capable of initiating a spiritual awakening.


As Selenite would normally ascend your mind and consciousness, Orange Selenite grounds both your physical and spiritual body, while still engaging in the enlightenment of the soul. Don’t be afraid to carry this stone with you throughout the day, as no negative energies are capable of attaching to the pure heavenly light all forms of Selenite bear.


This listing is for ONE (1) Himalayan Salt Orange Star Candle Holder 

This is a STOCK PHOTO. Each item will vary slightly in size, color, and characteristics. 

Our Himalayan Salt Candle holders are hand carved. They are thought to be an Energy Booster and help in purifying the air around you. With it's warm hue of color this stone helps uplift your mood, reduce stress and aides in relaxation.


Approximate Dimensions: 4.5" L x 4.5" W x 2.25" H


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