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Palo Santo & White Sage, Smudge Mist

Palo Santo & White Sage, Smudge Mist

PriceFrom $16.99


Crafted in small batches at our shop in Rhode Island--Abby's Organic 2oz Palo Santo  smudge mist is perfect for clearing negative energy, purifying, and energizing sacred objects. Also works great as a body or cologne mist!  


Infuse Abby's 2oz (Amber Glass Bottle )Palo Santo  Sage Smudge Spray with your choice of crystal:

  • Amethyst for calm & clarity
  • Rose Quartz for self-love & healing
  • Clear Quartz for a master cleansing effect
  • Fluorite for an added chakra cleanse
  • Black Tourmaline for protection and cleanse


Scent profile: Sacred, Uplifting, Energizing, Clearing, Light 

  • PURIFY, GROUND AND REJUVENATE: Deep, earthy, sweet and inspiring scent perfect for cleansing negative energy, meditation, grounding & protection.
  • SMOKELESS AND CONVENIENT: This light spray mist is easy to use anywhere. Perfect for home, work, car or school and fits in a purse or backpack.
  • PURE INGREDIENTS: Made with real Palo Santo and White Sage therapeutic grade essential oils. No chemicals, perfumes or toxins. Sustainably and ethically sourced.
  • MANY USES: Use it as a smudge spray, aromatherapy spray, bathroom spray, meditation spray, yoga mat spray or anytime you need a fresh, clean start.
  • HANDMADE WITH LOVE: Crafted in small batches by us twice per month at our shop in the smallest state in our nation.  


Ingredients: Distilled water, rose witch hazel, palo santo essential oil + white sage oil with palo santo chip. 

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