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Teardrop Collectible Indochinite Tektite Meteorite

Teardrop Collectible Indochinite Tektite Meteorite

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Stunning Teardrop Museum Grade Unique Collectible Indochinite Tektite Meteorite


When meteorites hit the earth it creates something out of this world. The infusion of earthly and heavenly energies can be felt when you hold these stones. This volt like energy can be felt with people who resonate with the stones. Most Tektites are rather small gravel-sized stones composed of black, green, brown, or gray natural glass formed from terrestrial debris during impact. For this reason, there are several types of tektites found to resonate with the planet. These crystals possess great spiritual and emotional powers. If they are used with proper intention.


Tektites resonate at a very high frequency, enabling one to elevate their consciousness to new dimensional heights. One’s internal energy will immediately begin to raise upon touch, with your mind becoming a receptor of incoming knowledge from above. This information is being siphoned through our realm by dream work, deja vu experiences, daily synchronicities, and heightened cognitive & psychic abilities. The source of this knowledge is the angels above, our spirit guides, and our elestial protectors. These beings have been with us since birth, with others intersecting our life path along the way.


 OrginTektite is a unique type of natural glass formed during ancient meteorite strikes on Earth. It’s a high silica based stone that reminds one of small gravel pebbles, which can vary in size of a few centimeters (Tektites measuring in millimeters are called Microtektites). They’re normally found in various shades of black, but can also be seen as dark brown and grey (green shades of tektites found in Czech Republic are called Moldavite).


Tektites can be found all over the world, with localities in the United States, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Australia, and throughout northwest Africa. How to use your Black Tektite: Place a piece of stone under your pillow at night Hold it in your hands while meditating Keep it close to you to help you integrate spiritual information into your everyday life Display on the area of your chakras to cleanse them - it works well, especially for the Root and Crown chakras Cleanse the space in a room by placing Black Tektites in the center of the room

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SIZE:   Teardrop 3.5" x 1"

WEIGHT: 103grams



Orgin: Indochinite

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NOTE:Abby's Apothecary Co has hand picked only the quality crystals, rocks and minerals with the intent of adding style & beauty to your home interior, wellbeing in your daily life or as a thoughtful gift idea for a loved one. Each crystal, rock and mineral possesses its own unique appearance. No two are identical. You will receive the exact stone/s pictured here. The colors of all crystals, rocks and minerals in our collection are indicative (due to the lighting when being photographed as well as your computer screen's color calibration) and the size of each piece photographed for our website is not to scale. (Please refer to the size and weight for an accurate indication.)

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