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Tiger Eye Gemstone Tree

Tiger Eye Gemstone Tree

$39.97 Regular Price
$29.98Sale Price


Handmade Tiger Eye Gemstone Tree w/Amethyst cluster base, resin trunk, wired branches, and with 24 stunning tigers eye polished gemstones. Roman soldiers in particular believed in the powers of Tiger's Eye crystal because of its eye-like appearance. The eyerepresented an all-seeing, all-knowing power, which was highly sought after on the battlefield. Tiger's Eye crystal stone meaning was even believed by some cultures to ward off the Evil Eye.


A cute little tree with the power to draw attention in any room. Great gift for a new home.

The process of making a gemstone tree like this is extensive and meticulous. Each gemstone is glued by hand, the detailed resin trunk is built and crafted by local artisans, and each tree's amethyst cluster base is unique.


Note: Images represent the actual gemstone tree you will receive due to the uniqueness of each amethyst base and handmade tree design. We encourage you to look at the different gemstone tree photos to see how bases and tree shapes differ from each other.   

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