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Tourmalinated Quartz Tumbled Stone -A Quality - Third Eye

Tourmalinated Quartz Tumbled Stone -A Quality - Third Eye

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1  Tourmalinated Quartz Tumbled Stone - A Quality


Tourmalinated Quartz is Clear Quartz with inclusions of Black Tourmaline within it. Tourmalinated Quartz stones deflect all negative energy while helping to unlock any energy blockages in the body. It is also a wonderful good luck charm.


Tourmalinated quartz is believed to protect the wearer from negative thoughts and emotions. It is said to be filled with energy that flashes through it and connects one with other fields of energy. Tourmalinated quartz is thought to provide a balancing of yin/yang energies and release negative patterns.


Tourmaline Quartz "strengthens" the body's energy field against external forces and helps deflect harmful environmental influences, both practical and spiritual. An effective grounding stone, this mineral can eliminate crystallized emotional patterns that have not been in one's own best interest.


Tourmalinated quartz is aligned with the Zodiac signs Libra, Capricorn and Scorpio. It is associated with the 6th, Third Eye or Brow Chakra, but is also believed to be effective on the secondary chakras of the hands and feet, including the meridians.


Mineral Information: Macrocrystalline quartz

Color: Clear with black inclusions

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