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White Howlite Tumbled Stone - Third Eye Chakra

White Howlite Tumbled Stone - Third Eye Chakra

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1 White Howlite Tumbled Stone 


It’s rare to find crystals of howlite which score a 6.5 on the Mohs hardness scale. The nodules in which it forms resemble cauliflower heads. They’re most often white with black or gray veins, and opaque. Howlite is common for cabochons, beads, and other jewelry components, as well as decorative objects and carvings.


When dyed blue, it resembles turquoise, which is why it is sometimes a turquoise substitute. Thanks to its white color, it’s easily dyed, and often waxed as well. It lacks regular cleavage and has sub-vitreous luster. It can be fluorescent, emitting orange glow with shortwave UV light and brownish-yellow radiance with long-wave UV light.


Metaphysical Properties

Howlite is a stone that is best known for the following effects:

- Enhanced self-awareness

- Improved creativity

- Increased sense of well being -

Character building and developing positive personal traits by decreasing rudeness and offensive behaviour

- Decreases anger, over-critical tendencies, resentfulness, and selfishness by opening you up to your insight. 

- It’s a "calming" stone, considered to aid with insomnia by calming overactive minds. One of the uses of howlite is in inducing lucid dreaming by placing it under the pillow before you sleep.

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