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Image by Emily Karakis

New Year New You

Starting off this New Year with some significant dreams and plans? Filling up to-do lists isn’t the only way to prep to achieve your goals - you might also want to stock up on a crystal stash.

Choosing the crystals for you can help you get your energy right to crush any goal you set your mind to, and it certainly doesn’t hurt that they’re also gorgeous


Below are the best crystals for some of the most common New Year’s resolutions of 2022, and exactly why they’re great for your goals.

 2022 is your year; we have the crystals to help you get your rock on and get rolling today.

Find Love 
Rose Quartz

white and brown stone fragment_edited_ed

This beautiful soft pink stone fosters feelings of love and warmth, both for yourself and others. It’s terrific for building deep connections. Before a big date, you’ll want to set your intentions and place your stone in pocket, which features the vibrations of rose quartz along with garnet and clear quartz. Talk about a match made in heaven!

Get That Raise


Citrine is the perfect stone to channel feelings of abundance, wealth, and a sense of security. Citrine is thought to be especially great at helping your grandest visions make their way from your daydreams into reality. To channel these great vibes, manifest before asking for a raise or interviewing for your dream job. With that charming combination of citrine, gold flakes, and clear quartz, your inner power can go happily into overdrive.

Red Jasper
Hit Your Workout Goals


This gorgeous stone can supply a steady stream of energy with no crashes - like a matcha shot in vibration form. It’s perfect for rocking your way through an intense workout.  Red jasper with magnesite and clear quartz. These stones together are thought to boost your endurance and provide a boost of fiery energy to kick your sweat sessions into high gear. Who needs a power playlist when you’ve got a trusty crystal?

Write A Book
Lapis Lazuli


If you’re feeling blocked and want this to be the year you finally churn out that big creative project, lapis lazuli can help. This stone is said to allow you to tap deep into your spirit so your divine ideas and purpose can flow out onto the paper. Keep a tower on your desk as you write to channel the power of lapis lazuli, along with rutilated quartz, which will encourage you to tap into your inner creative well.

Feel More Confident


The key to confidence is vitality, energy, and focus. Emerald is said to help make this happen by helping you shed negativity, embrace love from yourself and others, and strengthen your connection to the divine. This powerful stone can be a balm for any confidence issues you’re struggling with. If you’re about to take on a big work event or in a situation that intimidates you, our emerald and clear quartz is perfect to have on hand or pocket during these times.

Clear Quartz
Get Clear On Your Priorities


If you’re feeling a little lost and want to hone in on what you want out of life this year, look no further than clear quartz. This stone can help to cleanse the energy around you to focus on the truth of what matters. It’s a great aid when looking inward about what is most important to you. To get into alignment with your true inner priorities, use the clarifying qualities of clear quartz with the soothing power of aquamarine.

Stay Positive
Black Tourmaline


It’s much easier to keep bad vibes away when you feel safe and grounded. That’s why you’ll want to be around black tourmaline, a stone of protection and clarity. The stone is potent. It’s so strong we recommend a combo,  which is designed to keep negativity away, combining the black tourmaline with amethyst to soften some of its intensity!

Make New Friends


A happy person is magnetic to others, so if you’re looking to grow your social circle or even bring a new BFF into your life, you’ll want a stone that will bring confidence and joy. Carnelian is the way to go. It’s said to help you feel more positive, expressive, and outgoing

Practice Mindfulness

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Meditation is closely linked with mindfulness and Fluorite is my top pick as a meditation gemstone with its major benefit being focus and the ability to balance physical and mental energy. It calms what my old abbot would call my ‘monkey mind’ where thoughts would leap in my mind like monkey from branch to branch!

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