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20g Orange Mali Garnet - A Quality -  Sacral Chakra

20g Orange Mali Garnet - A Quality - Sacral Chakra




Mali garnet is one of many forms of this beautiful gem type, but it is one of the rarer forms indeed. It originates in Mali West Africa and is a hybrid garnet discovered in 1994. Mali garnet comes in a large variety of colors like orange, yellow, green, and brown. Mali garnets qualities go beyond its color due to its remarkable dispersion and incredibly high refractive index that both give Mali garnet a great fire and brilliance.


When Mali garnet is faceted, all of its attributes are enhanced making it an incredibly popular gemstone. On the Mohs scale, this gem type is a seven out of ten making it very durable and suitable for use in numerous jewelry applications. 


Orange garnet has the effect of enhancing human physical power more than ordinary garnet, and it is believed to give its owner a strong "life power". In particular, it is said to be effective for recovery from illness and fatigue, and its color is said to be deeply involved in blood health and illness. In addition, it is a stone that exerts its effect even when mentally depressed and gives the vitality to live. It stabilizes thinking and releases you from anxiety and lethargy.


QTY: 20grams not polished (aprox 2 stones) intuitively selected  

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