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Caribbean Calcite Tumbled Stone -  A Quality - Third Eye Chakra

Caribbean Calcite Tumbled Stone - A Quality - Third Eye Chakra

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Calcite comes in a variety of colors, the energy inside gains additional qualities with each hue. Its composition includes a mixture of blue calcite, green, brown, and white aragonite. Calcium carbonate is the main component of the stone, but it also contains additional minerals with powerful therapeutic and metaphysical properties.


This particular variant is known as Caribbean Blue Calcite it’s, a brand-new rock recently discovered in Pakistan in 2019.Calcite symbolizes emotional intelligence, believed to enhance consciousness, can help release energy, and balance chakras. Blue Calcite assists us in achieving a harmonious balance between our emotional and mental states.Calming Blue Calcite soothes frayed nerves and lessens anxieties. A stone to use when recuperating, Blue Calcite facilitates physical healing by clearing negative emotions and encouraging relaxation.


Working with the Third Eye Chakra, Blue Calcite can enhance or activate intuition and inner sight. Blue Calcite also aids memory, learning and helps students retain their lessons.Blue Calcite amplifies and cleanses energy from the environment, restores motivation, plus accelerates growth and development. It raises consciousness, links individuals to higher spiritual states, and awakens psychic abilities. Known as a stone of spirituality and wisdom, Blue Calcite can help perceive future events; help a person reach clairvoyance.Blue Calcite helps dissolve pain and lowers blood pressure, aids in all forms of rejuvenation, and harmonizes the body’s ability to assimilate.


Just like a vacation in the Caribbean’s Blue Calcite resonates peaceful and calming energy that is particularly beneficial during meditation.Category: Carbonate, Calcite Chemical Formula: CaCO3 (Calcium Carbonate)System: Hexagonal Crystal SystemCleavage: perfect in 3 directionsTransparency: transparent to translucentLuster: Nonmetallic, vitreous or resinous

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