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15pc Custom Crystal Starter Set

15pc Custom Crystal Starter Set

$44.88 Regular Price
$33.66Sale Price


15 Piece Crystal Starter Set - Valued at $80
Starting your crystal journey has never been easier than with Abby's Apothecary's Crystal Starter Kit! In one easy-to-use crystal healing beginning kit, you'll find all of your important crystals, as well as a sage bundle to cleanse and activate their energies. 

Each of the eleven crystals included in this package will assist a different element of your spirit and life by addressing a variety of objectives including riches, love, relaxation, protection, cleaning, health, and so much more. With our all-in-one Crystal Starter Kit, you'll have everything you need to get started with crystals.
This Crystal Starter Set comes with 15 items:
All tumbles stones are 1” to 2.5"
1, Abalone Shell,
1, Sage Stick 
1, Custom Laser Etched Palo Santo stick 
1, 4" Selenite Stick, 1 Black Obsidian  
1 Tiger Eye stone
1 Shungite stone 
1 Carnelian stone 
1 Bloodstone
1 Rose Quartz stone 
1 Pyrite stone 
1 Blue Apatite stone
1 Amethyst stone 
1 Smoky Clear Quartz stone 
1 Muslin Cotton Carry pouch
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