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Malachite Tumbled Stone  - A Quality - Heart Chakra

Malachite Tumbled Stone - A Quality - Heart Chakra

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The appearance of Malachite varies from a bright green to a very dark to almost black-green sometimes appearing as a yellowish green in light. The upper surfaces were partially polished by hand to show its lovely designs and botryoidal patterns.Egyptians began mining it as early as 4000 BC, and its pigment was used for eye makeup starting from 3000 BC. Pharaohs used to line the inside of their headdresses, in the belief, it promoted wise rule.


While they believed that their afterlife was like an eternal paradise identified as the “Field of Malachite”.In the ancient lore and legends, malachite connect with wisdom, protection from the evil eye and enhancement of magical capabilities.In Russian lore, water from a malachite goblet would grant the drinker the power to speak with animals, and during the Middle Ages, was regarded as the best protection against sorcery.


Malachite is said to be able to heal emotional abuse scars, battle anxiety, and depression, and encourage relationships that are healthy. It can open the wearer’s eyes to what’s obstructing their spiritual growth, and how best to express their feelings to nurture friendships and empathy.


Origin: Africa

Size: 7/8 - 1/5

Chakra: Heart

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