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Rhodonite Tumbled Stone - Heart Chakra

Rhodonite Tumbled Stone - Heart Chakra

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1 Rhondonite Tumbled Stone 


Rhodonite can be identified by its rosy pink to bright red color with black splash inclusions. Many people confuse rhodonite and rhodochrosite, their appearances are also fairly similar. Both are predominately pink however, they can also work their way toward a bright red.


What sets them apart tends to be the veining and banding. With pink rhodochrosite, white or gray bands typically run across the stone parallel to one another while also exhibit some wobbling.


Pink rhodonite has dramatic black patches. These stones commonly have a notable matrix of black manganese oxide, which contrasts dramatically against the pink. While there is some veining, it doesn’t tend to create the distinct parallel lines you find in rhodochrosite.


The name rhodonite comes from Rhodos the Greek word for rose, referring to the stone’s distinct pink or rose-red color. Rhodonite has been known for many centuries, mainly for decorative objects and sarcophaguses. During the Middle Ages, it was considered to be a powerful stone, endowed with magical powers, bringing happiness, honor, and joy.

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