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Rwanda Amethyst - Pure Rare Beauties - Crown Chakra

Rwanda Amethyst - Pure Rare Beauties - Crown Chakra

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1 Rwanda Amethyst - Intuitively Selected

Rwanda Amethyst is a recent discovery of Amethyst in the small African nation of Rwanda in 2015. This landlocked country in central Africa, with a population of just 12.3 million people, has now become rapidly famous in the mineral community.


Some gemologists and mineral enthusiasts believe this variety of Amethyst is the most beautiful stone this world has ever seen. The depth of color is impeccable, and when exposed to daylight, shows jaw dropping hues of blue and violet. Most of the material comes in the form of larger raw masses.


The majority of raw and rough are NOT heat treated before it gets processed and touches the market. Once cut, this gem does not come cheap, ranging in between $70-$125 a carat.


SIZE: As Shown

WEIGHT: Varies

Origin: Rwanda

Chakra: Crown & Third Eye


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