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Shiva Lingam Stone - All Chakras

Shiva Lingam Stone - All Chakras

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The deep connection that Shiva Lingams have to creation give them a powerful resonation with all elements. They carry with them a strong connection to the earth element. It is so strong that it provides a deep link with the Earth itself for a pure connection and understanding of the planet we call home.


This stone is found in only one of seven sacred Indian rivers. Villagers visit the Narmada River in Onkar Mandhata and polish these river rocks to better define their famed lingam shape. Shiva Lingams can range in size, with pieces being found as tall as 10 feet.


In Hindu culture, the lingam is a representation of the Lord Shiva in Shaivism and is believed to be a representation of their phallus. In Ancient Sanskrit text, the word Shiva means “sign” or “symbol” which translates to “Shivas Sign”. The Lingam represents the Brahmanda, which means “cosmic egg”, symbolizing the creation of both the divine male and female energies. Oftentimes temples are built with a single Shiva Lingam residing in the center, resting within a Yoni representing the female organ.


How to Use:

Carry your stone with you as a touchstone. Look at it throughout the day and remind yourself that you are ready for a new beginning.

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QTY: 1 Intuitive Selected Stone

SIZE: 2.75" - 3.25"



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