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Unakite Tumbled Stone - A Quality - Heart Chakras

Unakite Tumbled Stone - A Quality - Heart Chakras

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1  Unakite Tumbled Stone - A Quality 


Mythology: Unakite is also called Epidote, for its main component deriving its name from the Greek epidosis meaning “growing together.” An amalgamation of Red Jasper, pink Feldspar and green Epidote, Unakite is solidly bound together and is said to symbolize “what comes together belongs together.”  Unakite has a hardness of 6 - 7 


Usage: Promotes balance and emotional stability. Transforms negative emotions into positive ones. A grounding stone. For lasting love, Unakite is traditionally sprinkled with dried yarrow and placed in a sealed bag as a marriage or commitment symbol. It should be replaced on anniversaries and the old crystal and yarrow cast into running water. To help two become three, place Unakite under the pillow to aid in conception. During pregnancy a piece of Unakite on the womb helps parents-to-be make spiritual connection with their unborn baby; it is marvelous for use during labor to ease the transition. 


Metaphysical Properties: Celebrates the Divine Feminine. It is a beautiful green and salmon stone that helps to balance the emotional body. As it connects us to our Higher Self, it opens the way for us to release burdens that no longer serve us, and allows us to move forward in our lives. Unakite aids healing in the areas of the reproductive system, stimulating healthy pregnancies. 

Chakras: Heart Chakra 

Astrological Sign: Scorpio, Cancer.

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