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Extra Quality Heart-Shaped Amethyst Geode - Crown Chakra

Extra Quality Heart-Shaped Amethyst Geode - Crown Chakra

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Extra Quality Polished Heart-Shaped Amethyst Geode. This beautiful gemstone has polished edges and it's backside exposes its natural rough stone on the back. It also features vibrant violet colors and nicely shaped crystal points to admire for years to come. Its polished heart shape will make the ultimate romantic gift to the one you love. Uruguay Amethyst is identifiable by its intense grape coloring and pyramidal peaks.


Local artisans in Uruguay mastered the technique to make heart-shaped gemstones, a very labor-intensive task that requires a lot of skill and precision. The result is a beautiful piece that will certainly make a statement in any room or a long lasting gift, which is why they are sought after by collectors and crystal enthusiasts worldwide.


Amethyst can offer a connection to your spirit. Thought to help strengthen your Crown or Third Eye Chakra, the presence of amethyst can offer an aura of protection and healing. Those seeking freedom from unhealthy attachments or addiction may be nourished in the presence of amethyst. If you only have space for one talisman, amethyst is an excellent choice for all-around healing and strength.


The formation of amethyst is a story of icy beauty crystallizing from a legacy of fire. Basaltic lava can cool with porous cavities that range in size up to 15 feet long. Silica-rich waters run through these cavities. Traces of silica leave the seeds of crystalline growth. The purple color of amethyst is traced to iron in the water. Placement of amethyst in your environment is an invitation to let healing energy and the timelessness of the Earth take your journey to a higher plane. Protect your stones from direct sunlight to preserve their vibrancy.


Size: 65x62mm

Weight: 136gramss

Water Cleasing: Yes

Chakra: Crown and Third Eye


NOTE: Abby's Apothecary Co has hand picked only the quality crystals, rocks and minerals with the intent of adding style & beauty to your home interior, wellbeing in your daily life or as a thoughtful gift idea for a loved one. Each crystal, rock and mineral possesses its own unique appearance. No two are identical. You will receive the exact stone/s pictured here. The colors of all crystals, rocks and minerals in our collection are indicative (due to the lighting when being photographed as well as your computer screen's color calibration) and the size of each piece photographed for our website is not to scale. (Please refer to the size and weight for an accurate indication.)



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