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White Sage Wand - Ethically Sourced California, USA

White Sage Wand - Ethically Sourced California, USA

PriceFrom $4.50


Smudge yourself or smudge your space. Believed to rid auras and atmospheres of negative energies, smudging is a cleansing practice that has long been used by healers, shamans and priestesses.These white sage wands are grown and harvested from one of the only certified organic white sage farms in the United States.


They measure approximately 3-4" long and roughly 1.5" wide. Please note that there may be variations in the appearance of your bundle.The use of white sage with ceremonial medicinal smoke has it's roots in western Native American religions and belief systems, and is generally used to cleanse negativity and to re-energize the spirit. White sage can also be used in food, teas, and tinctures, and research has found that the use of this herb reduces the survival rate of certain bacterial species.

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